H.P. State Pollution Control Board Welcomes You on HIMXGNPortal

The core of HIMXGN lies in the e-file movement and online processing of e-file leading to virtual saving of papers of achieving the time standards by giving consent before 120 days on prescribed in Act and improve efficiency and transparency.


  • Transparent of speedy e-file movement from field offices to Head Office leading to consent/ authorizations decision.
  • Maintaining of previous visits / samples history for reviews and decisions.
  • Reducing time gap between raising queries and their reply and an effective online interaction between PCB staff, industries.
  • The data of samples and Results of all industries is online,helps in Significant decision making for GRANTING a NOC/CONSENT.
Apply Online for Obtaining Authorization under Municipal Solid Waste Rules 2000 For Processing/Disposal of Waste

In Case of HIMXGN Query, Kindly e-mail your Query at email : hppcb.cs@gmail.com!!!