H.P. State Pollution Control Board Welcomes You on HIMXGN Portal

The core of HIMXGN lies in the e-file movement and online processing of e-file leading to virtual saving of papers of achieving the time standards by giving consent before 120 days on prescribed in Act and improve efficiency and transparency.
Make Online Payment For All Payments Using Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking Facility.
Industries are requested to apply for CCA before 60 days of expiry of its validity


  • Transparent of speedy e-file movement from field offices to Head Office leading to consent/ authorizations decision.
  • Maintaining of previous visits / samples history for reviews and decisions.
  • Reducing time gap between raising queries and their reply and an effective online interaction between PCB staff, industries.
  • The data of samples and Results of all industries is online,helps in Significant decision making for GRANTING a NOC/CONSENT.
Apply Online for Obtaining Authorization under Municipal Solid Waste Rules 2000 For Processing/Disposal of Waste

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
River Water Quality Monitoring
Hazardous Authorisation Status of Units
In Case of HIMXGN Query, Kindly e-mail your Query at email : hppcb[dot]cs[at]gmail[dot]com!!!